Technical specifications


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The general idea that interconnections are an accessory to the system has led to few accidents or malfunctions in the system over the last few years.
In developing these connection lines, we have set ourselves the goal of guaranteeing some technical and mechanical requirements to ensure the functionality of the system in any environmental condition is installed.
The use of new generation polymers has ensured that the insulation of the conductors is sufficiently robust to prevent crushing, abrasion and stretching situations, while keeping it small.
This feature provides the installer with the advantage of a technically advanced cable that is most widely used during the laying phase both in fixed and mobile laying conditions.
Thanks to the outer sheath made in a new generation polymer (BB-FlexÆ), it was possible not only to ensure excellent mechanical resistance (which is not guaranteed by the normal PVC sheath), but also to maintain its technical characteristics due to high thermal shocks, external interference agents (such as rain, snow, hail, wind and oils).