Technical specifications


Scarica il fascicolo informativo. Nuova generazione di cavi per sistemi di Videosorveglianza

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The continuous evolution of analog and digital video surveillance systems (HD-SDI) has revealed to date that the weak loop of the system was represented by the type of coaxial cable used. To optimize the use of the equipment and maximize the performance, Beta Cavi, in collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers, it has developed a new series of high performance coaxial cables. As a result, a new series of HD coaxial series has been created that can ensure the correct operation of cameras up to 800 m away with analog video signal and 250 m with HD-SDI signal. In addition to the transmission performance far above average consumer cords available, the HD series has been designed to become a new reference point in the world of video surveillance. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and for use in public places (cinemas, theaters, hospitals, schools …) thanks to the sheath made in Duraflam.