More and more, in security, IP equipment is needed to make the system as a whole more flexible and interactive. Typically, the network is made with LAN cables (eg Cat 5e 100 MHz or Cat 6 250 MHz) but this is often the true limit of the system since unlike structured cabling, video surveillance is required to use POEs ( Power over Ethernet) and it requires the writing of medium to long lines (over 90 meters).

In order to optimize the installations, avoiding as far as possible the fragmentation of the network (switch and fiber), thus resulting in a much higher security standard, a new family of cables has been developed specially designed to meet the growing demands of the market and equipment makers eliminating the 90m limit. in IP.


Cables and EoC (Ethernet Over Coax)

EoC technology allows you to transmit an IP signal on a single specially developed ethernet coaxial cable, allowing a 10/100 Base T transmission with POE at a maximum distance of 850 meters.

This application is only possible with the use of suitable transmission and reception apparatus, for more details (

Another new interconnection family is the BN UTP family cables in the hybrid version.

The latter has been designed to allow both IP + PoE interconnection and power supply of higher power inputs (compared to the PoE standard: 48V 48W), avoiding the installation of separate lines for the installer.

All new cable families (EoC and BN UTP hybrids) comply with the CEI UNEL 36762 standard and are therefore suitable for installation with cables for Cat I systems (eg 230V, 400V).

Furthermore, being manufactured with external insulation in Duraflam LSZH, they are suitable for outdoor, indoor and public places (cinemas, theaters, hospitals, schools …).