Technical Specifications



The spread of micro-criminality implies the need to protect ourself and protect people closer to us as well as to pay more attention to our affairs.
We would not want the peace and tranquility of our family to be interrupted by some unpleasant event, unfortunately the chronicle teaches us that sometimes the ferocity, the scantiness and the malice’s workings have no limits. The elusive systems used to disable traditional security systems have pushed equipment manufacturers to migrate from “classic” anti-theft systems to more advanced systems that interfaced with much more complex equipment.
Analogue, digital, voltage and pulse signals are suspended at a wire, a cable that must ensure operation under any circumstances, in the presence of moisture, outside, pressed behind a furniture, or crammed into an inadequate channel.
Too often it is “generalized” thinking that a cable is valid and never the end user becomes aware of the fact that a simple broken, oxidized, inadequate or blameless cable can compromise the functioning of a plant from thousands of euros, maybe even at night. If, therefore, we consider that in terms of cost, the cable represents on average less than 3% of the total investment for the implementation of the burglar alarm system and that a quality alarm cable is a key component for the proper functioning of the system, spend just a few cents per meter really does not have any price.